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Friday, October 31, 2008

Farmhouse at Lot 3, Highland Farms

Our large cottage at Highland Farms is nearing completion. This 2000 sq ft cottage is actually a little larger since we created a walkout basement and then finished it off.

The owners of this house have really done a nice job keeping it real and the clean modern design is complimented throughout with detail. Such as a glossy black tile fireplace with white grout, large piece of glass instead of spindles, big darkly stained floors, big projection/media room in the basement, an office space with blood red carpet for the man of the house, the rest of the basement is carpeted with that material they use on playgrounds or pre-school - soft rubber/foam that snaps together. White porcelain doorknobs, antique doors, kickass deck with built in seats and beer holders.

And amazing, this house started with the Owners bringing me a vague outline from a book of cottage photos - from there, with only $6000 dedicated to architecture we have come a long way, nearly finished with this pretty cool home that we started in June.

Big wall of windows in the mid-morning sun.

This bad photo captures the fireplace, the stairwell that will have glass installed, and a 4 panel door stained jacobean with a high gloss finish.

Here is another bad picture in bad lighting of the salvaged door we found, coupled on the right with a sliding chalkboard door for that never-ending always expanding honey do list.

Now this deck really creams the coffee. Not only is it a nice size, but we designed it so the safety spindles guiderail was designed and built at seating, so no furniture necessary. One less honey do item - 'bring in the furniture, honey'. Not at this house. Great design, great execution, great craftsmanship.

Won't be long and this house we be finished. We are hoping to bring her in for a soft landing a little after thanksgiving.

Regardless of the depression, international currency crash, liquidity crisis, job losses and a host of overblown points of media interest, we plan on closing this house after thanksgiving, Cottage 9 in early December, Cottage 15 in early December, Cottage 14 in Early January, Cottage 13 in late January, and Farmhouse 10 in early February.
We just started clearing land for our next 3 homes that will come onto the market in early next year. A 1000 sq ft modern ranch on 5 acres with big views, a 800 sq ft cottage with a big stream on 5+ acres, and a very cool expanded cottage 8, with a pond view, loft space, 2 bedrooms.