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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Preliminary Pics of New Masterpieces

It's been a beautiful, quintessential and glorious Catskills autumn for many reasons - the birth of my son, the weather has been out of this world, and all of future homeowners are more convinced than ever that they need an escape from that crazy world out there. Call me crazy, but we are building 6 or 7 houses at the moment, and a true test of putting my money where my mouth is - we are starting 3 new cottages in November - spec homes, ready for the spring (spec homes mean without a preordained owner).

I am starting to smell the woodstoves burning in the morning and evening.

Some Pics -

Albert's farm on the hill. 10 acres, barn, house, stone walls, and now we are designing a garage for the cars and lawnmowers.
And here is Cottage 15 - 1100 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, 2 full baths, and this great wrap-around porch. Really coming together now that the porch has taken shape. Big ass bleacher steps out front for drinking the forties.
Side view on a Saturday morning -
Other side view - This color, which shall remain secret - is perfect for this cottage - where simplicity reigns, and modesty and subtlety rule the day.
And Cottage 9, with the exterior paintined a soft beigey color, which is set off by the main cedar tone roof, and what will be a rustic red metal porch roof.
The floors just got stained, and the interiors will be mostly finished by the end of the month. Stained window trim, stained doors, stained crown mouldings and an old school brick fireplace in this here beauty.
Bedroom, with the cathedral dormer wood stained, in contrast to the painted walls and ceilings.
Exterior stone steps, salvaged and found on the property.
And the 100 yr old stone wall complimenting and softening all this newness.
All in all, this land and house combo is probably the steal of a lifetime, because it is frickin perfect. I probably could sell it 14 times by Christmas.

All for now. Have a nice weekend.