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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Artistic Integrity

so me and lisa and lucas and my dad and his wife alta who were in town from lancaster pa in order to visit with our new son went to narrowsburg ny to 15 main for some dinner last night and i went to the local art gallery with luke to check out what's new and lo and behold an expensive framed photograph that i purchased a few months back for what could only be seen as some real coin was sitting right there, in the same frame, the same photo - like someone said, hey that worked, let's do the exact same thing, lessening my perception of what I purchased.

not that i really care, but it makes me realize what makes our homes so special - we are not lazy, and we rage against the 'easy way' and reinvent our design techniques and materials on every single house. nothing is harder than building a different house every time we build one - much easier to imitate ourselves, to repeat ourselves, to pretend we value the artistic achievement born from each collaboration from catskill farms and the individual owners. how much easier it would be to just order 2 of those faucets, one for this house, and then we could just go ahead and use the other one for the next house.

it's just comes down to respect - i respect the fact that uniqueness and originality, while arduous and not risk free - produces the product that has made us what we are, warts and all. it's a principle that is readily evident to anyone who knows our homes and efforts.

the hardwork associated with keeping it real obviously has value - since even in these difficult times, we are able to help families achieve their dream of living inside a piece of original art at a price tag that is astonishly affordable.