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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Freedom from the Press

Living in the country has one benefit that gets magnified in these difficult times - we are not bombarded with 24/7 alerts, emails, news programs, blogs and assorted other assaults on our peace of mind.

I like the press as much as the next guy, but God, what I need most is freedom from the press, and their pronouncements, analysis, coverage of the latest exagerated event.

Like my friend said the other day - turn off the TV and don't read the paper, and most of us would be feeling absolutely zero effect from the 'end of the world'.

We didn't leverage 25x to buy hedged stock or real estate or any assorted (or sordid investment). A bigger impact probably is the decline in the price of gas and food - which was sucking real money from real pockets.

The fact that a lot banks made a lot of stupid loans is probably a lot less impactful that we are being led to believe.

Give me freedom from the press this weekend so I can enjoy the holiday.