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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cottage 14 Nearly Done & Sold

Sure, I realize it's a bit unlikely, but we are getting ready for another closing in 2 weeks for this beauty of a Cottage - Cottage 14. I met Jeanne and Deb probably a year ago, and then they went away to think about it, and one day I get a call saying they are ready, and now here we are - days away from their new Catskill Farms Cottage.

We used a blue roof, cedar shake accents and cedar clapboard. We still haven't decided on the final color for the siding - any suggestions from the peanut gallery? (I forgot, this is a one-way soapbox.)

This house has a pretty unique layout and the big lofty kitchen/sports bar really has it going. I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with their choices of lighting, fixtures, colors and stains.

Here's a pic looking down from the bedrooms.

Another one of the Kitchen, stairs leading up the bedrooms and bath.

Big barn door separating main house from mud room and 2nd full bath. In the living room looking out into the mudroom and kitchen. Note the lowboy radiator.

And a bedroom photo highlighting the red chestunt floors and our handmade signature barn doors.
Every country house needs a cool mudroom and this mudroom is downright hot. Barn door, radiator, bluestone floor, great color and a shot into the bath.

And the fireplace, leading out to the back deck.

It's great to be bringing another one home. It's a good one, with uniqueness and modest elegance tatooed all over the place.