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Sunday, December 7, 2008

December Construction, or Same Tune Different Day

Here's Dean'shouse on 6+ acres outside Barryville, NY. The siding guys started last week, and this salvaged-looking 1x8 beveled clapboard siding was a perfect choice for this cottage. Cottage 13, with its metal roof, white trim and cordovan brown siding. This week the siding guys continue, the interior painting gets started, and the stone guys get their groove on.

By the end of the month, I would expect to be staining the floors and scheduling the appliances. And I would be surprised if Dean isn't renting a u-haul sometime in late January to bring all his stuff up.

Here's Albert's house on a clear Sunday early afternoon. He came up today to discuss the interior of the house, the design of the basement, and the interior of the music studio barn.

Pretty nice day on top of the hill.

And here's the Barn/music studio, we are building for him and his band. Up top is the sound room. We used the blown in insulation again so we should have a pretty energy efficient structure with the passive solar orientation, high value insulation, and radiant heat.

Another exterior shot with the sun setting.

And Albert and Agyness in front of the fireplace, framed with two large handhewn beams and James, our Catskill Farms man about town. James handles most everything that comes our way on a daily basis, and combined with Anouk and Deborah, make up our design/administration/accounting/ team.

Two customers and their 2 cute dogs, looking forward to their quiet country life to begin in a few months.