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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last House at Highland Farms

Another one done and sold. I'm not counting, but that's 3 this month. This 2000 sq ft cottage has pretty much everything a modest down-to-earth man could want - 4 bedrooms, 4 acres, lots of windows, 3.5 cool baths, cool details such as the black tile fireplace, the dark stained wide plank floors, white and black color palette, glass rail partition and a finished basement that includes that rubber snap together play foam for the kids, a pimped out office, a movie projection area with surround sound and most importantly and a first for us, a urinal.

The above photo catches the home after our most recent big snowstorm which dumped about 10 inches of snow on us.

Below, this photo captures the big windows, the 20 ft high ceilings, the balcony and the tempered glass railing system posted with some hand-hewn posts.

Here's another from inside the bath.

Looking up to the trees and sky, and looking out onto the beergarten.

Living room with black tile with white grout, and the beginnings of the move in.

Simple and extremely usable kitchen with recessed lighting, shelving, and a 'bar' area for breakfast snacks. White wood cabinets with sparkly black granite. And the caribou horns that need a home somewhere in the house.

Ground floor Bathroom.
Upstairs looking at the closed door of the kids' room.

The double closet in the Office.
And more of the office, with shelves, stain, black paint, blood red carpet.

Up the stairs and a radiator to keep it all warm.

Rolling barn door track, with attached chalkboard door for notes, when speaking is not desired.
Another shot of the caribou horns and farm sink. Gavin has quite the story behind those horns, but I sort of stopped believing the yarn when it segued from 'I found it at the flea market' to 'it was the last of an nearly extinct breed, and I paid top dollar to be on the hunt group charged with extinguishing the genetic line.'
Another old skool radiator made by my good friend Michael in Canada.

And another shot of the rolling chalkboard door looking out into the quarried bluestone mudroom.

And that's it. Merry Christmas. To those about to rock, we here at Catskill Farms salute you.