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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Micro Economics - Cottage 15 Sold

Sure, bombard me with useless macro-economic statistics that prove this point or that point, but all I know is we closed on a house today without any problem - no delay, no bank bullshit, no hiccups - just an old-fashioned straight-forward exchange of keys for cash (or check). A qualified buyer buying a house loaded with value - just the way it's supposd to be.

1 closing down - 4 more to go.
Cottage 15 - 3.5 months to build.
I love this kitchen - classic white cabs, black subway tile with white grout, stainless steel appliances, old school radiator, dutch door. Classic.

We built the first 'new old houses' in Sullivan County back in 2004 and we built 10 new farmhouses in quick succession - then some 'builders' started to try and copy us so we built an arts and crafts and a modern house and a barn house - then when everyone and their mom were designing houses they were going to sell, we shrank our houses, providing the first small scale affordable cottages Sullivan County had ever seen - and we proved that modesty is in vogue, - and that 2 bedrooms are fine. And now we are proving that value always sells, and the smarter our customer is, the better they understand the value proposition we offer.

Go ahead, try it- buy a piece of land, design a house, put the driveway in, put the well and septic in, pay an architect, pay a realtor, build the house, plant the grass. Maybe the reason our houses are still flying off the shelf is because their cost was not determined by inflated bubble pricing - very simply, our prices were created by figuring out how much it costs, and then adding a little on to make it worthwhile. No one drives harder bargains with our subs and suppliers, no one has researched and sourced products where form meets function meets costs, and no one passes those savings onto the client quicker than we do. We love it raising the bar.

Turns out, value is always in vogue as well.