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Monday, December 15, 2008

Micro Economics - Cottage 9 Sold

Just another ol' fashioned closing - let me put it this way - it went off exactly on time, exactly as we had it planned, and to be honest, really without much stress, panic or hair-pulling on anyone's part.

So, as I mentioned a couple months ago, following this blog would give some micro insight to all the macro analysis all the talking heads are bombarding us with. Worst job market since the 30's (wrong), worst this, worst that. Sure, if you pick apart the stats in certain ways, you can definitely tease out some pretty dire predictions. But you can also tease them out another way which leaves only one conclusion - if you got some cash, now is the best time to buy anything. Things are on sale - from land, to cars, to appliances, to electronics, to mail-order brides. With the distress in the Russian market, a Russian Bride is trading at a 35% discount to last year, a Polish bride discounted further.

Well, so we got another one done. I've been selling homes through a pretty absymal environment for over 2 years now. Increasingly bad news - but we've only had one deal fall apart and that had nothing to do with the economy - that was about good love gone bad.

Perfect Cottage 9 sitting in the woods, surrounded by 600 acres of land. Streams, old rock walls, lake within view, secluded, exposed porch rafter tales, cedar toned roof.

Side shot. Very shapely, if you ask me, with lots of alluring accents. It's all about the details, and the details cost money, and take time, and take a lot of care.

Simple kitchen, with open shelves, great subway tile backsplash, some simple cabinets and views out back.
Long range shot capturing a few Catskill Farms design hallmarks - the wainscotting, the sliding barn door, the wood plank ceilings, the hinged barn door, the wide plank floors, the modern appliances with the traditional design palette.

Some very cool Frank Lloyd Wrightish tile - mid century modern.

Great big light lighting up the foyer and wainscotting wall coverings.

Barn door and radiator. Stained 4 panel doors, stained window trim, stained crown molding.

And another money shot of the kitchen

I mean, I'm a pretty humble fella, but selling homes left and right in this real estate environment - now that's saying something. There are a lot of theories of how we are getting it done, but I like the one that revolves around my winning personality and all-around gentle bedside manner and kind demeaner.
Oh yeah, that was someone else they were talking about.
Oh well, can't win them all - but we are winning most of them these days.