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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

House that Dean Built

Icy today. Shitty rain ice. Pretty messy.

Here's James - the office is pretty cool - beadboard, red door, red blueprint filing cabinets, nice shelf, etc... He is determined to fit that square peg in that round hole, and in this picture, he almost has it figured out.

And here's the brain center - My desk.
And Mr Deer outside our home, eating some rotten apples from the apple tree before-mentioned.
And my new F-250, with Catskill Farms lettering.

Dean's house sits on 6 pretty fabulous and private acres and he was part of our waiting list last summer. And now, give him 4 weeks and he will be living large in Cottage 13.

This pic was taken early in the morning on a day we were expecting some snow.

Here are some shots of the plank walled kitchen we are just about to install.

Here's a picture of Alvin the Tile Man in Dean's large, 2 headed shower arena. If you've seen our tile work, then you know first-hand how talented Alvin is.
He has had every size, type, and quality of tile thrown his way - from Nick's Frank Lloyd Wright's shower, to Gayle's stone, to Gavin's to Davids, ... well, you get the point.

Juan and Joe in the basement making some porch railings.

Upstairs bedroom with 12' ceilings.

We are hoping to close this house in early February and if all goes well, will be our 2nd deal of the new year.
It's a pretty neat house - I loved the exterior shape from the moment I stumbled across it in one of those house plan magazines. I must have looked at 15,000 plans to come up with the 30 houses we thought just might work - if we move this, and tweak this, and raise this, and add a window, and enlarge the bath, and add a door, and move the porch, etc...