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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve In the Country

Pics are worth 1000 words, so I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

Lisa, Lucas and Me hit 2 new years eves' parties and considering we live in the middle of nowhere, it was pretty impressive both parties were only minutes away.

Gavin and Emily continued breaking in their house at breakneck pace, first with the inlaws, and then with the New Years Eve party, which included a talent show in the basement movie room with built in disco ball effect.

Here's a sampling of some of the raw talent outed last night -

Our hostess, fueling up the baby and herself (this routine was set to the pee wee herman anthem).
And here's the man of the house - Gavin, literally pulling an ace of hearts out of his ass (no pic necessary).
And the crowd - tickets were scarce.

The weird puppet show.
The weirder routine with these 2 people in contamination suits.

A gay dance routine to 'Gloria'.
The guests and the Christmas tree.

Trevor and a dog and a child.

James came on down from Livingston Manor with the wife and two kids. As seen in the photo - I brought my double chin along - no party is complete without that lively participant.

And then Lisa and Lucas and Me cruised over to Schumacher Pond Road where Pablo and Ana were kicking it with 2 good friends. We brought in the new year with them and a few bottles of champagne. Pablo told a great story of how much time him and Ana spent at the paint stores picking paints for the house. Only those readers who have spent every free moment for weeks debating, cataloging and dissecting 18 shades of red can share their pain - good news, though, in the end, since the defining red wainscotting was a perfect pick.

It was a big year - coming on the heels of a few previous big years - and at this point, we seem to be really hitting our stride. Not bad for a Depression.
Our 2008 sales.
Chapin Lot 45 - 6000 sq ft
Cottage 5 - 750 sq ft
Cottage 6 - 1300 sq ft
Farmhouse 9 - 1700 sq ft
Cottage 7 - 1300 sq ft
Cottage 8 - 1300 sq ft
Cottage 9 - 1300 sq ft
Gavin and Emily's House - 2700 sq ft
Cottage 15 - 1100 sq ft
Cottage 3 - 1100 sq ft
Not too bad all. With 3 sales set for the first 3 months of 2009, we are on track for a quick start.