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Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowplowing and Customers

Because we have so many damn houses under construction, and each of them come with a driveway of varying lengths, and some of them are even on private roads unmaintained by the local Town, I bought myself a plow truck last year, and then realized a plow truck ain't worth squat without a sander to lay down some traction. So then I bought myself a sander - and now Catskill Farms is totally self-sustaining when one of those northeasterners come along.

So after each storm I go out plowing and sanding, mostly of my homes I have under construction, but then also for some of the new customers who haven't found just the right plow guy to help them through the storms.

So, here's the old 1990 Chevy with plow and sander.

So it's kind of fun, because half the time I stop by a client or two's home and chat and whatnot.

Here's a pic of Jeanne and Deb in front of their cool ass fireplace that defines the living/sitting room. I think I snapped this photo during the final walk-thru, just after giving a tutorial on how to work the fireplace (flue closed - bad/ flue open - good).

These women built one heck of a house.

Here's Gavin and Emily and Sophie at the start of another day in the country.

And here's Gayle, the owner of Cottage 15, is obviously keeping that new house spic and span.

And then Dean snuck in on Saturday just before the snow storm hit to check out his new pad which is entering the floor sanding and staining phase. Here he is in the kitchen.

And James and me keeping everything rolling in the office. In this picture I am most likely speaking respectfully and politely to some fool or another. Note the new brown pleatless cords.

And the Lisa taking care of our boy in our old farmhouse. Notice how quick he is - camera can't focus in on those high speed legs and arms.

Monday night, and I am at home with the baby because Lisa is at a pilates class. Lucas the cats and the dog totally take advantage of me.