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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mommies Gone Wild in Cochecton.

Dammit, I can't believe I forgot to change the formatting before I upload all these gosh dangit photos - ever since I strived to be unique and mix it up by formating my pics 'to the left' or 'to the right' it's been all screwed up and my earnest posts are compromised by technology. This pic is an example of some real nice country etiquette from a guy I took to a party.

And here's me and my posse, - Lucas and crazy old Ruby, - cooling it on the couch at our old small farmhouse outside of Eldred, NY

And I had forgotten to shave for a few days and being a manly man my beard grows in rather quickly and Lisa begged me for 'just this one night' to shave the beard but keep the 'stache' so I did and here's the photo with me chummin' it up with Lincoln. Gavin said I looked Armenian and kept telling everyone at the party not say 'Milosevich" near me.

Amy's party was an 'asian-themed' bash and I don't mean that in any sexual way for all those readers who live near the gutter. Here's Doug in his best asian gear, practicing the fine art of quietness, respect, coyness and perversion. That's Amy in the foreground and Emily in the blue shawl and the budweiser.

Here's the big ex-pat Darryl with my boy Lucas, who was up late and getting down with the best of them. Yes, I know for those same readers who wrote us cautionary advice about all the predators who enjoyed Luke's naked pics, these party pics will be equally disturbing. But ole Luke, he loves a party.

Cheri and Lisa getting down.

Emily, Lisa, & Amy tearing it up in Cochecton. The party was really heating up at this point, and all the cares of day time seemed far off and alien.

And here is the reflective Gavin through the flowers, reflecting on the genteel and familial turn of his existence, dispute his best efforts of affrontory, lewdness and bad butt jokes.

And here is Gavin and Emily's weekend guest, Beckles, after having eaten multiple slices of the 'brownies' circulating all evening.

So there you have it- I worked all day to put food on the table for my family and then we partied hard into that soft, country night.