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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday - Lives in the Catskills

Today was filled with Customers - Erin's first review of the Ranch now that it has seriously taken shape, Dean with his friend doing the final walk-thru on Cottage 13 before closing next friday (my birthday, Feb 13.- I was born in 1980 (not)), and Albert, Gus and Malin visited Farm 10 and their music studio, probably 2 weeks away from being finished.

Here, Mr Squirrel is hangin' 10 on the deck at the office on a beautifully sunny Thursday morning.

Strike a pose.

Frisky and playful on the wicker furniture.

And Anouk, reliving the days past, doing some product placement posing after replacing the large water bottle at the water cooler corner.
Dean at Cottage 13, the last review before he owns it.

Dean's friend Tory looking out the kitchen window.
Erin signed up for our first Ranch, and she was delighted at the progress. It was a beautiful day up here today. We took a good look at the layout, the lighting design and started thinking about the chimney stone, the interior doors, the exterior door and the interior wood wall coverings. I'd expect this house to be hers in early May.
Albert and group took another look at their house on the hill, which will be his in 3 weeks.
Dean, Tory, James and Erin took a ride up the mountain to check out Farm 10.

This house reminds me of all the old farmhouses in my native land of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Farm 10 interior house picture.

The pretty cool music studio for Albert's bandmates.

Here's a new cottage we are building that doesn't have an owner yet - 900 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 5+ acres, 2 streams - selling fo $225k.

And Cottage 21 - pond views, 6 private acres - 1300 sq ft and very cool.

There you have it - in the teeth of a recession, we are kickin' back and welcoming our new homeowners. Oh yeah, I forgot, according the tv news and newspapers, no one has a job and no one is buying anything.