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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Albert and his Mountaintop Farm and Music Studio

I'm down in Fair Hope Alabama, cooling it on the Mobile Bay, at the Grand Resort, visiting Lisa's good friends who moved down here a few yrs ago from Richmond Virginia. I'm sitting here on a computer that is charging me .25 cents a minute, so I'm really hustling through various posts - but, lordie lord, I haven't posted in over a week and know by now my readership must be parched from the inactivity.

Well, over the years a few actors, publishers, writers and musicians have bought homes from us and just recently we finished up a house for Albert Hammond, Jr, the guitarist for the Strokes.

Here he is with his wingman Gus, as they walk from the house to the studio where they are busy unpacking. Like true musicians, the house is empty, and the studio was tackled first.

The studio from afar.

What was.....

and what was about to be....

I know a lot of people think I'm just a big dickhead steam rolling all in my way - but, in reality, however true that may be, the aspiration of all the brawling and sharp elbows is to enable dreams like a mountain top studio in the woods to become reality, - on budget, on time, and refreshingly unique.
Anyone who has tried to do anything up here in the sticks knows the challenges in the way of timeliness and quality. It don't come easy - and it's not a process that wins a lot of friends.
Oh well, guess I'll have to learn to live with the ramifications of taking my promises seriously. Probably would be more likable if excuses would be more readily accepted.