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Friday, March 13, 2009

Feedback from Julia who plays the piano

Julia and Marty bought the Rock House, where Lisa and I lived for 4+ years. 650 sq ft, 1 room, 4.5 acres. Here's a plug for them, and her husband's book.

"It's Julia here from the Rock House. That is slammin' that you got that new award. Congrats! AND that you are selling all of those killer little houses. I love the new little red house. Am dying of jealousy that that is not my house, EXCEPT of course, for the consolation that I have the original Rock House, that started the whole thing, and posesses the Rock House Magic. Still, that little red house is something cool. Also really dig the little white house with the red door. Did anyone buy that one yet? And the new yellow ranch house is AMAZING, of course my all time favorite is that modern number that sold last year. The one that seemed like it was in the middle of a forest. That one was unbelievable. You are on a roll, my friend, and it is great to see someone doing well during this weird time.

Marty and I are both employed, thank God, and I am quitting my job on Saturday, hooray! He has a hilarious book that came out last year. You can still get it on Amazon.com, and it was a big hit in Germany. (Thanks Krauts!). It's called "Asshole" by Martin Kihn, and it's really funny. Marty wrote it the summer we were at the Rock House. It's about a guy who thinks he's too nice and tries to be a jerk to get ahead. I just thought I'd mention it as you are also a writer.

We didn't come out to the Rock House hardly at all this year, cause I had to work weekends, but that is changing! We plan to be there a lot in the spring and summer. Hooray! Anyway, since we didn't get out to Sullivan County hardly at all, the way I get my fix is to go to your blog, look at the new houses. Glad to see your beautiful homes are doing great, I'm not surprised at all. Hopefully we'll run into you this summer. Best to Lisa and the baby pictures look great.