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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Winter's hard, and winter is even harder when building is your past-time, since cold, ice, freezing, snow, winds and short days do everything to defeat even the most hardy and energetic.

Here's Lucas, working on his eating. Soon he will be helping me boss around my subcontractors - I can already hear it, "Don't make me get my Dad!" - sending fear through all that hear it (at least in my imaginings.)

And Cottage 21, which is taking shape nicely. 1300 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, and the last house we have left for sale.

The foam spray insulation we love so much and are trying to incorporate into every home. The building process does not make huge strides forward for the most part, but this insulation is a true advance, and, while pricy, definitely has its merits.

And the Mid-Century Retro Ranch, under the clear blue sky. Keeps getting better with every new detail completed. Within a week we will be painting, within a month this house will be nearly complete. A glorious 950 sq ft.

On the inside we used the exterior siding, stained Tuscon Gold. Really makes the house interesting from many different design vantages. That's Erin - checkin' it out - pretty amazed it will be hers in a few weeks.

The house and views.

And her steel cable railing on the back deck with the big views.

And the Plumber Rich, who is installing the gas boiler this week.

And his helpmate in the basement -

Here's Pete Kestler back in the game - well drilling is his name. "Water when you want it" his logo says. So his big rig is all set up to drill straight down into the earth looking and sounding for water. We hit it after 380 feet - and a pretty good flow at that.

What I like about this picture is how it demonstrates the size of the home - not very big. Which is exactly the way we like it. Cottage 18 rolling right along. 960 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, stream and 5+ acres.

That's Pete and Steve, the well drillers. Pete, the owner, builds his own airplanes and flies them around the area.
Well, that's that. I'm feeling a lot of writer's block ever since Lisa cut off my nightly cocktail, hence my irregular posting. Or maybe I'm just recovering from a long winter that required all our attention every morning noon and night.
Hello Springtime.