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Friday, May 1, 2009

$179,000 - Cottage for Sale

1000 sq ft house with 2 bedrooms, nice baths and 3 sleeping rooms, 2 acres, small barn, small clean pond and cool stone walls. For Sales. For $179,000.

Well, I know it's a depression, and I know you are not even supposed to even dream about buying real estate because the world is ending and if the world is ending then of course no one will need a house or a roof over their heads. Being a cantankerous contrarian, I don't really believe the world is ending, and, as I have been saying for months, now is the best time to buy stuff in a generation. It's pretty amazing how people buy when everyone else is buying, and sell when everyone else is selling.

Well, I bought 44 acres yesterday from an older couple who have spending their idle time up here for the last 20 years. The opportunity to buy this land and house and pond and barn and stone walls at the price negotiated is almost like a gift from up above - because, to my trained eye, everything about it is a winner. The land has multiple features like shifting elevations, a little stream, stone walls, an open view, a big cavern and it's not that out of the way, but it sure seems like it.

This great 1900's cedar shake 1000 sq ft 2 bedroom house that came with the property is now up for sale for $179,000, making it one of the most attractive listing in Sullivan County. Can you imagine? This house reminds me of the Rock House, the inspiration for the mini-house series. Unique, charming, and cheap.

I think with some minor cosmetic painting and tiling, this house is really 'best in show' for its category.

It will be interesting to watch the interest in this little cottage.

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