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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Comments Entertained.

Well - here we go. Instead of 'one hand clapping', we are opening this blog up for comments, info, guidance and cautions. Of course, comments that include phrases such as 'he's so smart', and 'what a guy' will be encouraged, and those less flattering/glowing will be frowned upon.

Let's see how it goes.

Beautiful day up here for sure.

Here is the emailed letter to assorted readers opening up the blog to comments -

"Dear Readers and Homeowners,
After 18 months of keeping a consistent blog, I’m opening it up to comments and the like. I figure all our new homeowners always have similar questions and the pre-existing ones have a lot of info to share, so maybe the blog can serve as more than just me monologue-ing about my latest conquest or hurdle.

Anyway, efforts like this on my part usually backfire, and hopefully it doesn’t turn into a tool for everyone to gang up on me. I will be moderating the blog, because I don’t want it to turn into ‘bitch session’ or ‘my front porch light doesn’t work, why hasn’t anyone returned my call’ type thing. The blog has been a great marketing tool from Catskill Farms, and we aim to keep it that way, so all posts will be vetted with that in mind. Please don’t hold it against me if the post gets rejected – it’s nothing personal – the blog is one thing in my business I can control, and it’s nice to have a least a little control over something.

Other than that, maybe it will be a useful tool to the community we have built – maybe not, but here goes nothing…. I’m hoping it becomes a great resource for restaurants, hiking trails, cocktail party lists, badminton tournaments, local stores and shopping and general connectedness through info sharing, if desired. We have a couple hundred people checking in a weekly basis, so maybe it will be fun and valued.


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