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Friday, April 17, 2009

Construction at my House

Mi Casa is undergoing a serious construction project. Yes I know we just moved in in August, so the paint hardly had to dry, and here we are, at it again, ripping and tearing. Thing is, a child may be a small creature, but all the toys, and bouncy seats and walkers and strollers take up expotentially more space than the child themselves. For instance, his stand up bouncy thing is literally 5' x 5', creating a huge base that doesn't tip over, I guess. Meanwhile, it takes up our entire dining room.

So, it was an old house to begin with, and we fixed her up, but we decided to do a little more fixing up and here is Juan tearing out the old stone foundation in order to straighten her up once and for all. And then the beginning of the addition in the rear-ground.

The Addition and the Foundation, with a large boulder straddling each.

And a tree in the mix never hurt anything either.
Here's the frame of the addition glimmering in the April Sun.
And in the back, the addition sort of follows the 'grade' as it steps down. We are adding a bedroom, bath, and media room, hopefully overlooking a big ole pond that the local Cornell Co-op is engineering presently.

Fixing up the stone steps...

And there she is - all framed and sheathed, ready for the next phase.

Well, it's April, and the winter kept breathing frosty thoughts our way until most everyones' patience was worn thin, and then Spring springs in on a day like today. Looking forward to having a few dogs running around, and hosting weekly badmitten/cocktail/yard game parties.
And, till the next time, - later, gator.

1 comment:

  1. Chuck, looks like you are renovating/expanding to sell another house out from under Lisa. I hope she has begun to pack.

    What about a garage?