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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Waiting!!

OK, it's been 15 minutes since I opened my blog for comments - where is everyone?!


  1. Very Funny
    Your addition looks great

  2. Boy, I'm glad "anonymous" broke the ice...I have a feeling the comments will be flooding your inbox now! I think your gonna have to write a rable-rousing, over the top, provocative blog to really get them started...anyway your addition does look great. I am looking forward to seeing new pictures of the striped tile & huge white tile. BTW..How come we can no longer access your past blogs?...I show everyone(customers) your web page & fabulous home & tile designs...I am a fan!!

  3. Well, thanks for the kind post Denise (from Cornerstone Tile in Monticello). Feel free to post your phone and web info if you want, Denise. She's really made the respective lives of my customers over the last year easier by having a good showroom, excellent service and reliable delivery times - a big improvment over Monticello Tile that no longer is in business (with little mystery why).

    About the blog threads, you should still be able to read all the past ones. What are you finding is stopping you?

    The tile at Cottage 21 looks fantastic. I'm going over today so I'll take some shots.

  4. Great. There use to be a Archive (listed by the month) of past blogs on the left side of the page, which is no longer there..? you can only see this page.

  5. I took if off yesterday to try and clean it up a bit, and now I can't figure out how to frickin' put it back up.