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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Boy, a Bear and the Stone Wall

Spring time brings along a lot of frisky thoughts and actions, and up here in the Catskills, things are no different. Daddy Turkeys strutting around all puffed up with their harem following, momma mouse, momma deer, momma everything catching the spring fever. I think it's pretty universal up here in Sullivan County that this winter wore us out, and was day in and day out pretty challenging, and then the real kicker was it never wanted to stop - with a pretty angry March, and an April that stayed mean all month. So, with this weekend moving into the high 70's, everyone is pretty beside themselves with anticipation. I mean, even this week, it snowed, hailed, and hovered towards the shitty side of climatic affect.

Here's Lucas down in Lancaster PA, getting jiggy with one of his first ever spring days. His new nickname is "Paleface", or "Ole Doublechin". Lisa Richard Petersheim, the quiet hero of my ventures, demanded photographic credit for these photos, I think mostly to quiet Gavin who has been dissin both her camera and her photo abilities ever since the first in the 'blurry series' was released a few months ago. Lisa said it was pretty neat when she figured out that a 'red hand' on the lcd screen meant 'wait', and a 'green' meant shoot.

Here's Lucas taking one for the team by lying in the wet grass patiently while Lisa captures this great shot.

And then on the way over to Cottage 21, this young bear ran across the street and hung around long enough for me to break out the camera. I'm always afraid when I have these bear shot opportunities that while I'm focused in on shooting a pic of one bear, another one is going to sneak up and crash through my driver's side window and get me good.

I guess these bears are just coming out of hibernation.

And, per the previous thread, Juan's got the wall put back together, repairing stones that probably hadn't been touched by human hands since they were first laid 120 yrs ago.

The addition is going great, with the plumbing, heating and electric finished and we are getting ready to insulate with our hi-tech soy-based next week.

I got a few prospective customers coming up this weekend to check things out, and tomorrow I got a game of golf scheduled with Eric at Swan Lake golf course.

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