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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We always get some of the same questions - and here they are -

1. Is the land included? yes, the land is included, and so is everything else, totally turnkey, including the grass.

2. How many acres do these homes come with? Very nice 4-6 acre plots with privacy.

3. Is this a custom home? Yes and no - It's custom in a sense that a lot of decisions about the home design and finishes are made as the house is being built - it's not custom in the sense that I pay for the whole project, and the client comes in at the end and pays for the house.

4. Do you have any houses left for sale? Yes, we have a 960 sq ft super nice cottage for $245,000, and a 1300 sq ft really great cottage for $320,000. But I doubt they will last.

5. Do you just get a conventional mortgage? Yes, we like to see qualified buyers who can put down 20% and have great credit. No sub-primers here.

6. Well, have to get to work this morning, more FAQ's later.

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