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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great post on Friend's blog

Here is an excerpt written on my friend David's blog after reading the article in the Post - I couldn't agree more with the soft wisdom of her generosity -

"Speaking as a lifetime local, I'm always gratified to see people finding peace, comfort and, most importantly, easy acceptance in our communities, no matter how big a "who" they are. There are places where "live and let live" do exist, and I'm glad to live and work in a place where, by and large, those "Protected by..." security signs are just for show, and an unlocked door or car is no cause for worry.

Celebrities among us probably do recognize that we whisper excitedly about seeing them in town, but they also know the great majority of us don't want to be a bother -- just a good neighbor, willing to lend some milk, a wrench or a few flower bulbs whenever they need them. It may sound corny, but this is what life really is like up here, so it's no wonder that more than nature and solitude attract people to the area. We represent a refreshingly real change from the superficiality of life in the spotlight. I hope we always will."


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