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Monday, April 13, 2009

Hugh Gran, Farmhouse #8, Followup

Here is a direct excerpt from Hugh Gran, who bought a house from us in September, 2007. It's the really nice white house down on Crawford Road - the one with the security boot on the car, just in case the car thief ring was in the neighborhood.

"Jones Plumbing:800 566 3726/ 845 294 1010

Tell them Hugh Gran sent you and tell them Steve Carr had referred me.

I am not contacting Catskill Farms (Chuck) about anything except major stuff like when our basement flooded; In other-words Major structural issues. As for his over sights or inappropriate installations I'd rather handle it and get the job done right."

Now, here are two unemployed people with nothing better to do than make trouble. What a duo. Never a problem, heating system functioned fine, not a leak in the house, and hardly a caulk crack to be found - yet, to Hugh Gran, the problems are too numerous to mention. And yet not one email over 19 months mentioned any of the inappropriate installations and oversights that are so prevalent now. Oh, did I mention his house won a award for best design in the region in 2006.

And Steve Carr, the ringleader, got fired from the only job he could land up here - as a carpenter - got fired within 3 weeks because he didn't know squat about squat. Now, I could have saved his employer a lot of time and aggravation - I knew he didn't know anything, with subtle examples like planting a huge gated garden directly on top of his septic. Now that's being green - fertilizing your own food.

Very interesting. Like they say, idle hands are the devil's plaything.

This approach my team has decided upon may seem a bit extreme to the innocent bystander, but when you live in a small town and someone goes for your jugular, then there is only one recourse - and that is to say enough. An award-winning builder who has been selling homes left and right through a real estate disaster versus the unemployed. Seems like a fair matchup. It's kind of like the little dog who barks and barks and barks and then eventually pisses off the big dog.

I put a call into Hugh Gran to try to understand how he went from trespassing on the property of my two newest homes - I then gave him a guided tour - to writing these 'let's gang up' emails - of course, no return call.

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