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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mid Century Ranch

The Ranch - seriously, it's a Ranch house - sitting on 5 acres, looking into Pennsylvania, 960 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, bath, big walk-out basement.

I remember the conversation well - "Hey, it's a real estate depression - let's really stack the odds against us, really test our metal, go build a god-damned Ranch house (sorry for the emphatic cursing)."

Well, she's done. She's amazing. And she's going to passed on to the new homeowner next week.

New driveways, new lawn, new house, new everything - How many families buying in the Catskills can say they bought a 'house that works'. It doesn't need anything - it's finished. And my builder paid for the whole thing until it was finished.

Just for clarification - the yellow tape does not demarcate a crime scene, but rather an alert to 'STAY OFF THE GRASS OR ELSE!!'

Great Picture of the interior - with the Ranch siding brought inside to define the hallway, 3 synchronized galvanized lights hanging from the stained beam, a cool radiator, a chalkboard door, and the open kitchen.

Fireplace, living room and entry to deck all in one shot.
Sitting here in my office in Eldred on a quiet Saturday morning with not much going on to distract me from some quiet reflection of what has been, what is, and what will be.
Courtney and Bronson are now in the house - not literally - what I mean is they have committed to a customized Cottage 18 on the new land I just purchased. The Adam's family (I couldn't resist) is coming up tomorrow to check us out.
and Norah and Jeffrey are nearly in contract on Cottage 21 - we just have to wait until they get back from the Cannes Film Festival to sign the papers. Well, excuse me.
Someone called me 'irrational' the other day - I was, like, 'duh, I build spec houses in the middle of nowhere during a depression, -of course I'm irrational and unbalanced."

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