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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Too Bad (if I do say so myself)...

Momma Goose and Family out for a stroll on Mother's Day.

These chicks were just born a few days ago...

OK, some people called us crazy when we started spreading the word that we were going to start 3 new spec homes back in November in the middle of the greatest recession since the 1930's. Who, actually, do we think we are?
But, not to point out the obvious, we are 1 week away from closing on Johnny and Tina's Red Cottage in the Woods, 10 days from Erin's Ranch on top of the Hill, and Norah and Jeffrey are moving towards contract signatures on Cottage 21.
So, to summarize - Catskill Farms has, thus far, done what very few companies in the world have done - which is, in short, sell homes and turn a profit in this severe economic contraction. Don't ask me why this is happening, but it is, and we are quite pleased, quite pleased indeed, Sam I Am.
Here's a beauty - Cottage 18 - all 960 sq ft of it. The trees are just budding and there is always a week or two that the foilage is a lightening florescent green before it matures into the deeper forest green.

And Arts and Crafty Cottage 21 with big stone pillars, tapered porch posts, exposed rafter tails, and thick spindles.

Pretty neat shot below with the wide spindles, handhewn beams, radiator and barn lamp. No wonder we're getting to be famous with taste like dat. I mean seriously, that's more character in one little corner than most homes have combined throughout their overdone 4000 sq ft.
And then the Ranch, the lovely Ranch. With the big views into Pennsylvania. This house was a totally new experiment and I think we did just fine.

So, pretty windy today, Sunday, Mother's Day. Spring is here and we are ready to get down and boogie, - if you know what I mean.

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  1. Can. Not. Wait. Looks so amazing!! I, too, am ready to get down and boogie. Thanks for everything!

    - Erin