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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday in the Catskill, A Morning in Pictures

Lisa took us all on her Sunday morning round trip to Dianes diner in Damacus, PA, then to the Callicoon Farmers Market, then to the Agway, and then full circle all the way back to Eldred. Brave enough to join us were the owners of Cottage 7 and Cottage 14 who live next to each other over a few miles west of where we, the Petersheims, reside. It's tough going out these days since the Post article, with the papparazzi and constant requests for autographs on personal body part regions.

Now, I say brave enough because anytime someone travels with me you never know what to expect. There was time when I was sitting quietly in Highland Town Hall when I was out of the blue verbally assaulted by two women.

There was the time I walked in Fred duh Shed with my 5 month old baby in my arms and the CRAZY owner Michelle, came across the store in her 6" strides - I was expecting a big welcome since I do have quite a few homeowners who I refer to her, when instead she says 'I'm not comfortable with you in my store", stunning and perhaps embarrassing me in front of some friends. Having no fucking idea what she was talking about having not seen her in years, I called her a freak, which is an understatement and went on with my business. Funny thing about it I was just remarking to Lisa how it was kind of impressive that she was still in business after 5 years, - us both knowing firsthand how difficult that is.

There was the time I called a local excavator for a small job, and his wife spends a few minutes insulting me, my staff, and our business.

And then you never know when the guys I dissed earlier might pop up, tude in hand.

So, you never know what you get when you go out in public with me - in other towns/cities, I would be getting the key to the city - here, I get snubbed, insulted and conspired against.

But no big deal - Like Gib McKean the local real estate legend said one day over lunch - "God save us from small towns."

Probably one the biggest obstacles up here in the sticks is the counter-intuitive way things work - there is very little reward or support for a growing business, no business network, no civic organizations, no building associations, - so it's a bit lonely but I'd rather be lonely than broke, but there does seem to be much more of a network for mediocre businesses, then good ones. In a normal place, more businesses would try to position themselves to be of service to us - instead, mostly what we find is a tendency to 'spite one's noses right off one's face', but, without a doubt, it's been my ability to see and act through this that has enabled Catskill Farms to find the labor resources necessary to fuel a growing business. Me, I don't really care if I have to suffer a lot of small slights from companies that work for me, because, in the end, the big picture stays foremost on my mind - that being, my ability to start, finish and sell as many homes as I care to build - regardless of the economy, available resources or competition.

Here we are, rounding the corner from Main Street to the field where the Market is.

And a pic of Lucas in a mirror in the car, sleeping.

Pablo and Ana cheese shopping at Callicoon Wine Merchant, definitely one of the best, if not the best, wine/cheese and the like store in the region.

Is that Lisa and Lucas, or Brittany S. and her oldest?

Now, here is a place where I totally always get in trouble for 'taking it too far', since in my mind, how can't the simple observation be made that Pablo is hanging out in front of the 'fruity' section of the wine store.

And the olives, chips and sauce -

The 'What's for Sale' chalkboard -

Window flyers, with the annual Tractor Parade just around the corner.

A delicate portrait which I titled "Fake Grass and Hanging Sausage"

A look down the street -

The owner of this historic landmark shot and killed a waitress last summer while intoxicated. He received 6 months in jail - now that says more about Sullivan County's old boys network than I ever could. Don't people get 6 months in jail for driving drunk twice?

Lettuce. Funny I have two bowls I frequently eat from-, one says Lettuce Dance, and Corn to be Wild.

One of Lisa's favorite market vendors.

Fresh spring onions, or scallions.

Some doggy treats.

Lil' Lucas smiling.

And some friendly flowers.

And Lisa ending the day with some uncalled for gesture, and a great sign behind her - "Certifed..." , and all the readers can fill in the blank.


  1. Wow! Who knew that we New York City folks would have to go all the way to Sullivan County to be photographed with a celebrity. We had a wonderful time, and Lisa is so right -- the Callicoon Farmers Market rocks!

  2. You take awesome pictures! Thanks for including so many in your posts :-)