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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Homes for Sale

Rachel called me up after the eblast went out and wanted to see some pics of the houses I'm selling (she's been up with her husband and child once or twice), so I thought I better post them. But first, up above, a word from our sponsor - Me and My Son, Lucas - who is just entering the real pudgy phase , - sorry Lucas for the shout out.

That's our new picket fence out front.

So here is the perfect country road we are now building on - we currently have 2 houses that are unspoken for.

Couple of deer high-tailin' it out of the way, mistaken me for some version of Bladerunner.

First, we have Cottage 19 - very pretty 5+ acres with 2 bedrooms, two porches, and a big open floor plan. Like a lot of these perfect country getaways, the houses feel quite large and airy even though they are under 1000 sq ft. I think it has something to do with the expansive outdoors, and porches, and the open floor plans.

This picture below is a what it will look like when finished, although not really because we are using cedar shake shingles on the exterior and tricking it out here and there with original details.

Here's the actual house.

And a dreamy version of the interior, with barn doors, strap hinges, wide plank floors and wood


And a pic of the open interior just crying for someone to show it a little love. I expect this house to be finished in September. $245k.

And Cottage 17 is all framed up, electrified, plumbed and ready to insulate. 1300 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, and 8 acres. Audio, security, 2 full baths and a lovely lovely setting. Will sell for around $340,000. Will be ready around September.

Sure, - we're a little bit nuts, building spec homes without a buyer up here in the middle of nowhere during the great recession. But hey, what the heck - Life goes on.


  1. Nice house. Pictures are so beautiful and nice. Please contact me when its construction will be completed. I am eager to see it in complete shape. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Awesome pics! Wish I would have been lived there :)

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