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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tractor Parade 2009

That's right - Early June means one thing to us event-starved residents - The Tractor Parade - a tour de force down the main street of Callicoon. Like a kid with Christmas, Lisa and her friend Amy wait impatiently from one year to the next.

This year Lil' Lucas participated. That's me in the red shirt and shades, looking too cool for school.

Amy and Adam and a big cabbed tractor in the background.

Lisa and Me and Adam and Amy

Big Sullivan County mountain man making his way down main street in his big rusty tractor.

Lisa has a crush on this one farmer/tractor drivin' man, and here he is. Funny thing is she probably picked the guy with the kindest face out of the whole 350 tractor gang - that's just the way she rolls.

So the tractor parade has been going on for maybe close to 9 years now and Lisa and Amy have taken in most, if not all of them. We've taken most of our family at least once and a whole lot of friends over the years.

That's me again outside the wine store.

Here's a picture of an 'aging hipster'. Not pretty. At least he's wearing underwear today.

Lucas and Duncan kickin' into high gear at Gavin and Emily's house that we finished and they moved into back in December 2008.

And this is a real sorry picture to end this blog - with Gavin and I forced into forced labor to build a garden for Lisa and Emily and not only did we build this kind of sad garden box, but our wheel barrow broke down several times and the topsoil and compost we used was over at David's house which really isn't that close once you load up a flimsy wheelbarrow with dirt.
Here is Gavin swearing at the wheelbarrow, while I'm doing my best inadvertent 'I'm effeminate' look for some reason - probably to try and get out of some manual labor.

So, there you have it. Another funky day in the life of us country bumpkins.
Oh yea, it's raining a lot for the past 4 weeks, and soon I'm going to jump off something high because after a long hard winter, I need some SUNSHINE. Give me some of that SUNSHINE. Lord knows I've earned some SUNSHINE!


  1. Please take the first picture of me off! I look like I am pee-ing in public and please do not post this comment. xo Wifey

  2. Nice blog
    Lisa I will have to look again as I did not notice haha
    See you in a few days

  3. Happy First Father's Day Daddy-O You rock as my Dad and I can not wait to grow up and experience all of life's adventures with you.

    Big Love,
    Lucas R. Petersheim