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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Working for the Weekend

Well, Sooooorrrrrry Alice. Instead of posting a comment and contributing to my blog libraries and archives, Alice (lisa's mom) told Lisa behind my back my blog was becoming 'kinda cocky'. That's interesting feedback, because as far as I'm concerned, my blog posting has been a nervous and unfamilar attempt to stem the neanderthal actions of a few unnamed persons. I don't think those from afar can appreciate how real the thoughtless slights can be, and I know for a fact that if I wouldn't blog about them, they would remain localized, unpublicized and forgotten. But I do blog about the absurdity I encounter from 'professional' people because that's my life, and I blog about my life and my blog is not some whitewashed sales brochure - it's my life in the middle of the sticks building cool houses and the day to day interplay of stress, accomplishment, discouragement, victory, defeat, human nature and rationalization.

Is it too far out to say I'm not perfect and overcompensate for some complaints I receive by blogging about how great we are. I think the issue revolves around not communicating effectively how beat up we can be at times, and the hype, optimism and aspiration-gloating is not so much bravado, but a band-aid to keep the enthusiasm up so we can work 7 days a week navigating a host of harrowing twists and turns in order to develop, design, build and sell very cool affordable well-designed cottages in the woods.

Considering we are by far the most successful design/build firm around, and considering we are probably the most successful real estate company around even though we aren't a real estate company, and considering we are always stretching the limits of what is possible, what is achievable. I live in the middle of nowhere, and we are building selling and hiring in the middle of a depression. If I need to be a little over the top in order keep the courage up, then so be it. A frequent Saturday evenings Martinis don't hurt either (lisa just went in to make #2 for me).
I mean for chrissakes, like Kathy Griffin would say from the D-list - Suck it.

Talk about bravado - we sold a house today, if not a few houses - which means we are batting about 66% - 2 out of every 3 families/persons/couples who get the full-court Petersheim charm sales process (patent pending) end up buying. Now, match that.

Today, Richard and Nancy, an older couple who have more world experience under a fingernail than I do, living in the Congo, Ecuador, and a dozen other jungles studying monkeys, plants, natives and other interesting specie. Nancy told a story about Richard (after he was caught tasting a leaf off a bush in the front yard of the house they are thinking about buying) when he ate a plant in the Congo and his teeth turned black for a year.

Well, believe it - the phone just rang, and after a tasty drink at the River Mart, Nancy and Richard are on their way up Mail Road, then Crawford Road, down to our house because (their words, not mine), they are ready to take it to the next step - meaning, HELLO CONTRACT, and since we never lose a deal once it gets started, hello new Catskill Family member - boy, talk about a crowded bathroom at this point.

So there you have it - the Barryville Cottage - probably the most well-priced value oriented piece of Sullivan County ass that has come on the market in 5 years.
Congratulations Nancy and Richard - scientists, explorers, sailors and experimenters.
Shine on You Crazy Diamond.


  1. Alice, aka Al-ass!!June 6, 2009 at 9:11 PM

    You are the BEST!! lOVE YA Charles!!!!!

  2. Love Ya Charles!! You are the BEST!!