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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Parteeeee! - RoadTrip - Destination Blacksburg, VA

Who's going to tell me my boy isn't chip off the ol' 'lady killer' block? These 3 Southern Belles are obviously entranced as my son waxes poetically on a wide range of sophisticated topics.

Dad still paying tribute to MJ with a seersucker moonwalk.This the Virginia Tech fraternity house I hope he doesn't join.

Blacksburg is an old town, judging from the original town hall established in 1798.

Nice southern architecture. I'm always looking for new design ideas, and we spend a lot of time looking for new designs - it's pretty difficult, since I'm pretty picky and there is a lot of bad architecture out there.

This oldy probably dates into the 1700's. I'm a big fan of the south - read Civil War books incessantly.

The bride and her Father.

Paul, future head of the AMA - presently a med student, just off a 4 year tour at U. of Georgia.

And Lucas getting ready for the wedding with a quick bath in the hotel sink.

My Dad, My Son, and fake wood dog with collar in the background.

Just a couple more child shots for this Sunday morning, in order to further endear my readers and evoke that sought after 'what a guy!' utterance I so badly seek.

And if this picture just doesn't wrap the whole weekend up, as we all do the walk of shame, Sunday Morning. Note the vodka bottle by the back wheel.

Well, that's about it for this morning. Lisa and Lucas met Gayle (and her mom) from Cottage 15 fame for breakfast over in Pennsylvania, then off the to Callicoon Farmer's Market. I'm here alone on this cool Sunday Morning, thinking about heading down to Matamoris Home Depot to pick up a little of this and a little of that.
Jeanne and Deb (cottage 14) and Pablo and Ana (cottage 7) sponsored a Cottage crawl yesterday, and Gavin and Emily threw a bash for Gavin's 47th birthday. My new easy-carry badminton set was requested, and lots of enjoyment was derived from that simple game.
I'm thinking ref's chair, and neon scoreboard where player's names can be inputted and their scores tallied. Maybe even an online league to track the winners (me) and losers (all other challengers).
June it rained everyday, hard. Now July has proven more of the same. This has to the wettest 'summer' on record, if you can call this summer. Perversely, the weekends have been great - it just rains throughout the week, making us look real bad to a lot of people waiting on us finishing this and that exterior project.
All for now - It's Sunday, July 19 - about 65 degrees, about 10:02am.

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