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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday in the Sticks

For all the readers who didn't know the author of the previous post song - it was Tom Waits.

Simple picture of some simple produce from the Callicoon Farmer's Market in, - you guessed it - Callicoon, NY.

These pics of pics and produce and fruit are in our living room in Eldred, NY.
Here's Cottage 17 taking shape nicely. Red cedar siding and that wrap-around porch everyone loves makes this exterior a real winner. 8 acres, private country road.

Cottage 19, which is just going into contract, with the painters starting on the outside, the inside is sheetrocked and the exterior cedar shake is pretty well installed.

And Cottage 22 - in contract and moving right along. Installing the wide plank floors, window trims and the interior doors are being installed and trimed out tomorrow.

Remember - these houses only started 7 weeks ago - before that it was just a bunch of woods. Pretty quick, Pretty fast. Pretty extra ordinary.

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