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Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Develop Land, Design Houses, Build Houses and Sell Houses

Even John D. Rockefeller would be impressed with our success with vertical integration and subsequent monopolization of the cool second home lifestyle. By cutting out and minimizing the middlemen everywhere, from architects to real estates agents, we have found a way to produce pretty amazing homes at pretty amazing prices creating pretty amazing values that anyone can see.

We've been pretty amazingly busy - with seriously 2 or 3 calls a day not just inquiring but asking how to get in line, how to get a house. Once again, we not just start a risky speculative series of houses, but with the exception of one, we got them all under contract and that one will go soon with people pledging deposits over the phone. This isn't meant to be boastful, since that would infer arrogance when what we are really trying to do is sell homes, stay in businesses, provide for our families, continue to grow and BE THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN.

Here a big morning fire with a big dump truck close enough to burn the paint off the cab. 7:30 am, dumping some septic system fill for the excavator.

Below is the only house we have left for sale - at 960 sq ft, 2 bedrooms and a great open floor plan and a bathroom that belongs in a much larger home. The house has electric, plumbing and is already insulated - the sheetrock delivered and starting tomorrow.
We smartly decided to use cedar shake on this little beauty, and small smart stone on the approach side. I mean, she's good looking, and this is coming from a very discerning judge of good looking ness.Inspired by a local home, just updated with bigger windows, more open floor plan, better heating, electric, warmer, cooler, etc... Yes, to our frequent readers, this house still is in our inventory, ready to sell, in contract, all contingencies met, just waiting on the dates for the closing. This picture was snapped moments before a vicious rain storm this morning, and the light is sort of bouncing off the white trim. I'm thinking this deal will be consummated in the next week.
And Cottage 22 - Bronson and Courtney took the bull by the horns, and jumped in on this one - the first purchasers at our new project over on Tuthill Road in Lumberland. She's really coming along and we have a project close date of Mid to late September.

And Cottage 17, one of our larger cottages that average about 1300 sq ft, and usually fit almost 2 full baths. On 8 acres, on a lonely road 1 miles from the Delaware River, these gentlemen who signed up last week will never suffer from lack of peace, quiet, and serenity.

July 16, 2009 - deep in the midst of an historic recession - and we busier than hell, selling houses like lottery tickets - which, in a sense, they are - the buyers are lucky persons indeed. And the way it's going, it's easier to win the lottery or get hit by lightening than be decisiveness enough to buy one of our homes.

But we welcome any effort, nevertheless.

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