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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cottage 21 - Sold and Gone

Another Day - Another Closing. What more needs to be said?

Today we said goodbye to sweet lil' Cottage 21, the last of the 3 spec homes we started back in November 2008, at the absolute height of the panic and real estate decline. We sold Modern Cottage in May, Cottage 18 in June, and now Cottage 21 in August.

This house is sweet - with 2 beds, 2 full baths, open living room space, built out basement, security, audio, wide planks floors, wood burning fireplace, pond view and 6 private acres, I ask - what more could a family want?

This one took awhile to bring to a successful conclusion, but we can wait it out these days- even just a year ago, I would have flipped if a closing took this long, since we needed the cash.

The sleeping loft up above looks down onto the living room and fireplace.

Radiator, wide spindles, handhewn beams, galvanized metal sconce, exterior stained green cedar siding.

View of the pond across the street.

And the final profile pic on a morning before a storm.

A masterpiece, by all definitions - a house we are incredibly excited to have designed, built and sold for Norah and Jeffrey.

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