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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deja Vu - Another Day, Another Closing

It was only 2 weeks ago that we brought sweet Cottage 21 home to roost, and now the much-sought after Barryville Cottage was passed on to new homeowners this morning. Congratulations Richard and Nancy - from the forests of Ecuadar to the Mountains of the Catskills.
One of my best country living stories involve these new owners - so we were tooling around inside the house, taking a look and creating punch list of things we agreed to do for them - we were in the basement, and something moved, and it looked like running water but it was really a small snake and while this would have ruined the deal for everyone else, Richard ran over and picked it up and started looking and tickling its belly, and then Nancy with as much enthusiasm rushed over to check it out. That was definitely a first - the snake closed the deal. Usually I use my handsome son Lucas (I know, I know - I can hear everyone now ' 'takes after his Dad') or back before she died, my old dog Bella was real good at closing deals.

Some customers have accused me of without fail having a cute deer family run across the lawn right at crucial deal making stages.

Real foggy this morning - making for some great shots. This house is circa 1925 - and it's really the type of house that inspires the entire business. Great country architecture - the fact that this house was in great shape, was a real bonus.

We added the stone, painted the walls, cleaned real good, redid the floors, replaced the countertop, added a lot of spray foam insulation in the attic and basement.
It's a simple house, but very functional. Cared for diligently by the previous owners, who owned the house for 27 years.

Upstairs, - more of the same - new paint, raised the ceilings, added our famous white painted planks on the ceilings.
A backsplash and tile countertop. New sink and faucet.
This bathroom renovation was done by the original folks who owned the home - while some of their designs around the house didn't turn out perfectly, they nailed the bathroom.

Picture of the pond - Richard is planning to invent a microbe.
And a picture from the rear of the property.
Simple house. Simple Catskill Farms Story - Buy a house - Live Happily Ever After.

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