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Friday, August 7, 2009


The internet's an amazing place. We get 9000 visitors a month to our website and 100 day (3000 a month) to our blog. Of the website visitors, perhaps 75% of them are unique visitors, meaning visiting for the first time (in web parlance).

So - 6750 new people are finding out about Catskill Farms every month of every year (or 324,000 persons have discovered us since the website launch in 2003). It's no wonder we are able to make a sale every once in awhile.

For all of you frequent stopper-byers, thank you. And for those who are new to the concept that 'yes, you can buy a country house that works' and 'yes, you can buy a country house that gives pleasure not pain' - Welcome.

1 comment:

  1. Want to thank you for this so very informative and entertaining blog! Without jiyxing things, we're a few weeks from closing on a small place in Eldred and your posts have been very valuable in setting the stage for our new life upstate.

    I'm going to write Mauricio right now!