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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cottage 14

Cottage 14 was a house we started last year about this time and finished it up and got it sold in the middle of the Great Recession last January - the mortgage market was so screwed up that the lenders were actually calling the employers of these two woman the day of closing in order to verify - for the 3rd time - that they still had jobs.

It was a crazy time last winter - that's for sure, when the whole world froze up. I got to hand it to the Catskill Farms team, to the homeowners Albert, Dean, Gayle, Nick, Jeanne and Deb - I mean, we got it done when it couldn't be done.

So I was driving around with John and Wendy who are friends of Stan and Leslie from Farmhouse 3 - and I was showing off the houses and we stopped by Albert's where Gus and his wife Malin were raking shit and burning shit and then we cruised past Jeanne and Deb's and they were raking shit and burning shit too.

Seems like the city slickers love to come up to their house and rake shit and burn shit.

Cottage 14 is a real unique cottage, - very kitchen-centric with a double high ceiling and big fans swirling.

So I like to go over and check things out on Friday's or Saturday's just about at about happy hour time - because turns out Jeanne and Deb are master martini makers and I love martinis. I brought Lucas along to this shindig this past weekend.

The guy can't keep his socks on to save his life.

Jeanne and Deb mixing up the cocktails, showing Lucas how it's done.

And a living room baby shot. GI Joe Lucas doing his special forces crawl.

And a series of funky moon shots with my fancy camera that is a lot smarter than me.

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