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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cottage 17 - and the TV show

Interesting enough, the nationally-renowned home planner who loves our work successfully sold his vision to the big, primetime network. Now we just need to make a deal on a house - which is a lot more complicated than one would think.

Cottage 17 is also rounding the corner towards completion, and in another month we will be turning over this house to the new owners. This house started as a spec home - without a preordained buyer - but, with the help of Cottage 15 homeowner Gayle, we found some buyers who hopped in and started designing - and now, in 30 days, their country day dream turns real. On budget, on Time.

Now that the handrails are on and the entrance steps being built, the lines of the final product start to take shape. As mentioned, this cottage is inspired by one we built over the winter for Dean.
This plot of land and the way we situated the house called out for a wrap-around porch, so not only does that porch add some additional living space, it adds a nice architectural dimension to the structure.
Another thing we did was flip the fireplace/living room space and the kitchen. In this pic, the house is primed for the floor sanding phase.

So, that's it. Labor Day weekend. Very nice weather. Living on borrowed time, with the weather becoming unpredictable, with that dreadful feeling that winter's coming.

And the thing is - I like winter - with it's attendent hours by the fire, reading books, and guiltless hours not worrying about the garden you should've planted. But not after a non-summer like we didn't have this summer.


  1. Cottage 19 wants a shout-out too! -JS

  2. Patience, my son, Patience.

    Already queued up and ready to go.