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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cottage 19 - Finished and Sale Closed

When Justin and Jason visited us in late June and signed up for a partially complete Cottage 19, they had a few demands. 1st, they wanted a nice house, and 2nd they wanted to own the house and have time to move in and get set up before a lengthy trip to Europe starting October 3. Since it is September 22, and they sat at the famous closing table and consumated the deal today, I guess you can say once again we brought a house in without a penny of unexpected upcharges and ahead of schedule.

It's not easy to do - especially, when it rained all summer.

The yellow crime scene tape is not an indicator of something untoward or illegal or murderous, it's actually an attempt to signal "Don't Go On the F(*&%$cking Yard" since fresh top soil and grass has just been planted. But, everytime, everyone thought that the reason they needed to go on the yard was a reasonable exception. So, getting tired of all the footprints in my new lawns, I offered a bounty to everyone - every painter, every electrician, every carpenter, every plumber - anyone who rats out the person who steps on the yard gets $100 - no questions asked. Since then, the yards are great - but a few tradesmen have started mastering photoshop and artificially pasting photos of other people on the team on the yard. Pretty funny.
This little house - all 960 sq ft - is a real beaut - one James and I had been excited to build since it was coming off the design presses. Cedar shake, great Irish country-side like front yardage, 5+ acres, 2 bedrooms, a big great bath, a large basement, front and back porch, and an open first floor plan.

This pic captures one of our porch design motifs - skinny square spindles, beadboard ceiling, big bleacher like front steps.

Coming up the driveway - with the shake, the stone fireplace chase, the formal front country porch and more rustic screened in back porch built from local timbers.

The kitchen under the recessed lighting, nice appliances, industrial range hood, white shaker cabinets, farm sink and open shelves.

Where the magic happens...
View from staircase through the first floor, with the floor stained English Chestnut and matte polyurethane finish. Dining room on the right, kitchen on the left, 2 large rads to keep everyone warm.

Cable rail contrasted with handhewn timbers.

Fireplace, fan, cable rail and wide plank floors.

Great grayish bathroom with clean pedestal sinks and 5 panel door. Marble floors.

White subway block tile and marble flats.

I like this photo for some reason - the composition is very centered and old-fashioned. Maybe it's the lighting that works for me.

And then for the details, and elements that are easy to praise but hard to emulate -

The open kitchen shelves -

The 1x8 wood wall coverings with 3.5" crown.

Industrial hood, subway tile backsplash, open shelves, big-time range, farm sink undermounted.

This is one of our custom barn doors with big strap hinges, cross buck and some fun hardware.

5 panel old school solid core door with black hinges and hardware - complimented with a fresh yet delicate seasoning of a sliding tracked barn door - handmade as well.

And in this corner - below - we have 12 light 1 panel insulated exterior door.

Dutch door, partially open, showing off the green grass of Autumn. You can almost see the chill in the air.

Here's the hardware for the dutch doors - sans fingerprints.

Beam and stone.

Square hearth with local bluestone.

Cable rail and steps.

Lantern shadow.

Sexy radiator.

3 1/2 inch simple crown molding.

The security headquarters which monitors fire, smoke, heat, low-heat situations and carbon monoxide. Pretty complicated code on this one - you have to get up pretty early....

And a good sophisticated heat thermastat that saves time, money and energy (and the instruction manual always comes in handy for those damned things.

And the team - wrapping this one up - another dreamed up, built and sold.

5 new ones planned to start in October. 2 more houses to sell in the next two weeks. Selling a peice of land to Nick in a few weeks. Cottage 23 selling by Thanksgiving. Just bought 7 new pieces of real nice land, if you know what i mean.


  1. Denise @ CornerStone TileSeptember 23, 2009 at 9:32 AM

    Congratulations Justin & Jason..What a beautiful home. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Denise! I believe we met your husband, very nice guy! Thanks for making the tile/marble process so seemless.

    Thanks Chuck for all the pics... we are totally excited and can't wait to see what comes next!

    Justin C.

  3. Welcome to the 'hood Justin and Jason. Hope to meet you soon! Deb and Jeanne, Cottage 14