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Monday, September 7, 2009

Cottage 19 Shout Out

Jason and Justin (and I'm not in the office to see if I spelled Justin correctly) came to us in June or July after we had started Cottage 19 - a 2 bedroom 960 sq ft house with a huge bathroom, seriously open floor plan and 5+ pretty amazing acres. Cottage 19 is a reduced version of Nick's Cottage 9 that we sold back in December. As with all of our smaller homes, the details are important. With the big stone chimney, cedar shake, 2 perfect dormers and the large overhangs, this house becomes something special real quick. James and I were excited about its layout and flow from the beginning, and frankly, it exceeded our hopes and aspirations - just like an overachieving child.
The painters, the carpenters, the plumbers and an assorted mix of tradesmen executing their specialized craft, attempting the bring the house to a conclusion in the next week or two. We have our first certificate of occupancy inspection tomorrow, and since this is a new municipality we are working in, it might take one or two inspections to get everything just right for the buiding inspector. During the course of construction, the building inspector/code enforcement officer does 6 or 7 inspections of our construction processes, insuring we are building to or exceeding code. By any measure, we surpass most other construction quality locally.

There's Curtis, our lead independent carpenter who more or less has seen everything in this decades of construction experience. Skilled with the saw, skilled with the customers, skilled with the subcontractors he works with and orders around - a very good addition to the team 18 months ago. He worked for me when I first started my biz in 2003, then went off to greener pastures, then returned to the overgrown weedy fields of Catskill Farms. He came in and replaced some real yahoos we had been forced to deal with out of necessity - since labor is scarce, and was especially scarce during the construction boom of 2004-2007.

Curtis is installing the kitchen here - in fact, I guess the kitchen is in, he's just adding some open shelves that really set off our kitchens (as well as keep down the cost). Nice cabs, nice countertop, nice undermount farmhouse sink, and mostly, nice ass and love handles Curtis!

Nice simple fireplace with locally harvest bluestone squares (originally designed by Dean) defining the hearth.

One of the reasons why we are the only game in town in terms of quality and service is because our entire business model at this point is centered around our warranty, our ability to exceed our warranty, and our ability to respond quickly to small issues.


  1. Do Jason and Justin need insurance on their beautiful new cottage? egoldstein@misneragency.com

  2. Wow, excellent job. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have been watching your progress on the many homes you build and each one is special in its own way. Will be looking for a retirement home in the spring ......see you then