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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cottage 22

Cottage 22 is nearing completion and for all you counting, that's little more than 3 months from start to finish. From forest to fabulous. From dream to reality.

Pretty nice day for these pictures but it has to be said that the night-time temps are hovering in the 40's. Without a summer, fall is coming. Definitely not the type of Catskill summers we've grown accustomed to, with long stretches of bright blue breezy afternoons.

House looks pretty sharp with the rails installed, finishing off the porches nicely.

This house has a heavy emphasis on the porches, which wraps-around 3 sides, has exposed local rough hewn rafters cut and harvested locally. The porches measure out at about 640 sq ft, adding 66% more of outdoor living space during the suitable months.

Simple fireplace and handhewn beam.

Handhewn beam and steel cable railings.

Sliding barn door, big tub and floor to ceiling subway tile.

3 door styles in one shot. On the left are custom constructed cross buck barn doors with 15" black wrought iron hinges. Center door is a traditional 5 panel. And off to the right is the sliding barn door.
Won't be long till construction is finished and the new owners move in.

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful house with timeless and classic design elements. Bravo.