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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cottage 23, Fall breezes and good Magazine Articles for Weekend Reading

Cottage 23 rolling along. I love this house.

If you have some extra time over the weekend, or looking to kill some time - I found two magazines articles to be worth the time.

The first is in the New Yorker, and is a multiple page rehash of the financial meltdown a year ago - I think the title is "8 days", with a play by play among the big players. As someone who like financial history stories it really worked for me. In fact, when the meltdown began last year, I took refuge in a lot of books about the panics of 1877, 1907, and 1929. Interestingly enough, the patterns were similar enough to give me the confidence to act contrarian, and view the whole collapse as an opportunity to make some moves in strategic directions - albeit not without a lot of fear and doubt. It was - as I wrote many times as it was happening- a great time to buy stuff. A once in a lifetime opportunity, actually. It's frankly amazing we brought 7 houses to a closing in those harrowing months of complete financing unpredictability. I think it will be something I tell my grand kids.

The 2nd had me laughing all morning - an article in New York magazine about the legalization of pot debate - the guy wrote a hilarious, stoned, overview of the micro and macro debate.

all for now.

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