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Sunday, September 13, 2009


September means one thing to me - the clock is ticking to the end of the building season. I mean, we build all winter long, but the foundations have to get into the ground before Thanksgiving (and even that is pushing it). We don't lose a step in Winter construction, but it entails a lot more energy expenditure with snow management, safety management, driveway management. Anytime you have 40 trucks of assorted newness, capability and size trying to access driveways that become increasingly narrow as the snow creeps in, you have yourself a challenge.

Whatever - we're ready. Bring it on. This year we will be armed and ready - with a tractor, a plow truck, a salt truck and a brand new 2500 sq ft heated garage for our growing stable of equipment. Erection of building set for early November ( and James - being immature - always snickers when I talk about the erection of the building).

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