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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Comment Clarified and Comments Counted

Last night in Bed Lisa said that maybe Brad and NestDweller don't know my humor well enough to call them 'hanger oners' so this post is to clarify that that was a joke and we hope Brad and NestDweller and friends are the hood for the partee.

In a very exciting development, most comments ever - between facebook and blog - per my last post. Maybe they will overtake that one mean voice mail message I posted that has been the number one post visited for 5 weeks now.

The question remains - what is the magic that is brewed here at Catskill Farms, in Eldred NY?

1 comment:

  1. No offense taken, I am sure I have been called worst things than a hangeroner. As luck would have it, I should be in the neighborhood this weekend - putting the Jeep truck into storage mode for the winter. Or perhaps I should just leave it at D&R - its home away from home.