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Thursday, October 22, 2009


From Animal House -

Boon: It's not gonna be an orgy! It's a toga party.
Katy: Honestly, Boon, you're twenty-one years old. In six months you're going to graduate, and tomorrow night you're going to wrap yourself in a bed sheet and pour grain alcohol all over your head. It's cute, but I think I'll pass this time.

Bluto: TOGA! TOGA!

True, it's been a long time since I bought a keg and rented a tap, barrel, lent a security deposit and hauled it back home, hoping my tap skills have improved in the years since my last rental. And Lara's request if they rented 'beer bongs' and 'beer googles' didn't go over that well with the vendor, but sure cracked James and I up. So today is Juan's last day of work - sure, he gave me a two year notice, but it still snuck up on me. So Lisa is busy downloading Guatemalan music for the party, and I have to go pick up the keg in Port Jervis later today.

Whenever I build a small road, I get to name it, and currently we are building on Catskill Drive.

The picture below is of Cottage 20, which was just pledged to Susan, friend of Gayle, Bryce and Thom. Great house, a smaller version of Cottage 23, sitting way up on a hill outside Narrowsburg NY, above what used to be Luxton Lake. I got there early today before the sun came up and all you could see across the mountains were a few singular and solitary porch lights that were left on overnight.

And here's our next attempt at Mid-Century - a revised 50's Ranch - the first one was snapped up by Erin and Greg last spring. This house got big big views.

And, even though we just started, this is what Cottage 24 looked like two days ago. This 1300 sq ft 2 bedroom, bath a half, 7.5 acres, big ass porches and big views is actually currently for sale, case anyone cares.

This busy picture was taken at 7:55 am - not only are all the truck impressive, but everyone is already unpacked, plugged in, and working. No morning coffee powwow for this team - although I am taking some pizza over at lunch today for Juan's Last Lunch.

And Sweet Lil' Cottage 23, - the interior paint is just being complete and we will be turning this house over the new homeowners by month's end (end of November). Good looking house with standing seam metal porch roof.

That's it for now.

Katy: It must have been some party.
Boon: Unbelievable. A new low. I'm so ashamed.
Katy: I'm almost sorry I missed it.


  1. nobody likes you, you are full of yourself and full of shit.....ASSHOLE........

  2. It's no problem that no one likes me, anonymous - the point being that I have - through a lot of energy, discipline and hardwork - created upstate sanctuaries for 135 adults, their families and their friends. 65 homes.

    If the success of this endeavor was to make friends, you are right, I have failed - if it is to build great homes on a budget, on time with an honest process - then we have succeeded wildly.

    And Anonymous, please feel free to post your upstate accomplishments, or at least your name, like I do on a daily basis.

    And just wondering if you really think your anonymous opinion matters - considering how many homes we continually sell. $10 bucks says you are so full of yourself, you think your opinion matters. Again, please post your name and upstate accomplishments so we can see how many friends you have made in achieving something other than bitterness.

  3. gee did i hit a nerve!

  4. a few years from now, when your 65 homes start falling apart, I bet you just leave Sullivian County, never to be heard of again.

  5. Only time will tell about that. I'd guess the opposite though.

  6. Babe,

    I don't know about your other readers, but I could do without this guys post. Do us all a favor and just delete this creep. Please!

    Ms. Petersheim

  7. Lisa - I know I should, but I'm just trying to make the environment even a little harder to sell homes - since the Great Recession, no financing, and the greatest slump in real estate ever didn't stop us. So how about some mud-slinging? Maybe that will stem the constant tide of people wanting our homes - giving us a breather for once. My God - everyone needs a breather now and then.

    Show me another business that has the confidence to post this crap? Plus, readership is way up. Petty slights sell.

  8. Charles:

    This guy's posts stink so bad of jealousy that I'm surprised they don't show up in green on my monitor.

  9. Agreed. That's why I like posting them.

    How was the improv?

  10. A total blast and almost as ridiculously funny as Anonymous' posts. Lookin' forward to doing a show for you guys in December.

  11. This is so amazing - 11 more posts. This is like a real blog - watch out David Brooks. Next I'll be selling advertising.

  12. I really like your house designs and your philosophy, from what I can tell. Never met you, already own a house (which could be a model for one of yours, only it really is old and crazy), but think this whole area would benefit from more thoughtful development like yours. Good luck, thanks for the blog.

  13. Thanks VW - your 2 cents are appreciated. would love to see the outside of the house - if you get a chance, send to email address on website.

    thanks again.