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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ok - Playtime is Over

So I have this pretty wife, funny young son, new puppy and cool house - and now I have more than 21 comments on a blog post - the last remaining aspiration for my young life. And not even 40.

My God, what else is there?

Anyway, I had my fun, made my point, settled some scores and I'm taking down my most famous post ever. Thank you all who commented and made me feel special, loved and what have you - like Lisa says - "Charles, you know standing up for yourself has never turned out negatively."


  1. I was enjoying your now-deleted post yesterday (oct 21) but wasn't able to finish. I came back today (the 22), and it's gone! I want to finish it, I want to read the comments!

    But mostly, I enjoy exploring through this blog the wonderful work you have done.

    Keep at it, and as a previous poster commented, I too hope to someday have a wonderful Catskill Farms house.


  2. hi, i just found your blog today as i was cruising random real estate blogs. from a quick glance what you are doing looks fabulous! love it. love the idea, the cottages, your pictures... love it all. i live in italy and my husband is a builder, very different market, but i can't wait to show him what you're doing. look forward to following your progress!
    ps. i don't know what this is about comments, no comments, removing messages, like i said i just found you today, but for what it's worth i think this looks like a great blog.

  3. Hey AJ and SL w/ Olives,
    Thanks for checking in and thanks for all the compliments. We are suckers for compliments.

    Be sure to keep coming back. it's most appreciated.