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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mid-Century Retro Ranch 2

I'm mean, you tell me this smiling family isn't worth a million pages of paid advertising pages. Laurie and Tony are one of those families that have been questing for an upstate getaway for a few years, with lots of competing (and changing) priorites. In the end, being a big fan of ours ('stalkers' actually - their term not mine), they decided the house, the design and quality, was most important - and that's why we are lucky enough to be welcoming them into the busting-at-the-seams Catskill Farms Family of Upstate Getaways.
This house is very unique, with a great open layout. You'll remember we built one similar last winter that Erin and Greg picked up - that one was yellow, this one is stained bluish green.

The interiors are open and high with lots of windows inviting in the long range views.

And there's old Pete Kestler, drilling another well for us.

In the end, the thing that makes us different, is the fact that we really do 'get it done'. I'm constantly pushing the team to keep the 'slack out the line' or else feeling the rawhide where the sun don't shine.

The other day while driving I was counting up how many homes we built this year - I think we built 15 - which is amazing from a few perspectives - the economy, and the scarcity of labor.

I love 'years in review' set to great music - so here's mine - just imagine some cool tunage to add to the list -
Cottage 14 finished up in January.
Cottage 13 finished up in February.
Farmhouse 10 finished up in February.
Ranch 1 finished up in May.
Cottage 18 finished up in May.
Cottage 21 in June.
Cottage 22 in Sept.
Cottage 19 in Sept.
Cottage 17 in October.
Cottage 23 in November.
Barn 2 in progress.
Micro #3 in progress.
Peter's Walton Gothic cottage in September.
Big addition at my house in June.
Cottage 24 in progress.
Cottage 20 in progress.
Ranch 2 in progress.

That's a lot of construction, by any measure. And amazingly, I still see some new problem once a week, something I've never seen before. One would think at some point you've 'seen it all' - but it appears not.

1 comment:

  1. Chuck
    Thanks for the post. We can't stop smiling. We are very happy to be collaborating with you on this home. You are making the process very easy and enjoyable. It is amazing how fast things move. Thanks for all your help and understanding. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family.
    All the best
    Tony & Laurie