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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Waiting List of 5 Homes Announced

Catskill Farms would like to announce we now have a 5 home waiting list going into the winter - which means, more or less, 'suck it competitors' (not to steal a kathy griffith line).

Sure Richard is building a great big barn studio for him and his pals and their music.

And Daniel is designing and building a micro-cottage for some quiet contemplation.

And Susan is living large in the small home high up outside Narrowsburg.

And now Tony and Laurie have settled on our new mid-century cottage design, after circling us for years.

And John and Wendy (and 3yr old and twins on the way) seem to have selected us as well to provide them with an upstate getaway.

A description of the Shaker design premise -

The Shakers were seldom victims of fashion. Their buildings bespeak forthright, contemplative lives, freed from the influences of the outside world. Stylistic considerations were not high on the list of Shaker priorities; to the contrary buildings were designed to outlast the vagaries of changing tastes. They had to be efficient, easy to maintain, and give their builders a sense of serenity and grace from knowing that what they created was as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Nineteenth-century visitors wrote of the unity of design in Shaker villages. Developed according to the community’s standards and requirements, the buildings in a Shaker village are more consistent in appearance than those of the neighboring farms. Their clustering on the land, the way they relate to one another in function and scale, the consistency of aesthetic choices employed by Shaker craftsmen, all attest to that communal society of spiritual brethren and sisters devoted to creating an ideal life on earth.

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