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Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's Cookin' at Catskill Farms....

50's Ranch, Do Over for Tony and Laurie, up above Luxton Lake, Narrowsburg NY. I think we just started this house back in September. Windows in, tyvec on, and ready for the siding.

Cottage 23 off of Crawford Road in Eldred NY for Pedro and David. Closing on this house with these gentlemen probably the week after Thanksgiving.

Cottage 24, yet unspoken for, just after the sagey green cabot's siding was installed. Interior floors now going in.

Cottage 20, a 960 sq ft 2 bedroom on 6+ acres, that is in Contract of Sale to Susan from the City. Insulation complete, and sheetrock being installed.

Picture of the boom truck loading in the sheetrock. And below is the spray foam insulation just installed.

Bald Eagle nesting next to the Delaware River. It's like one of those games in the newspaper, Can you find the Eagle in this photo?

We are building a big 5 bay red garage out back at our offices, below of some footing and foundation shots. This place will be big enough to house our trucks, throw a party, play street hockey, full court hoops, etc...

Richard's Barn House is now under construction over on Tuthill Road, outside of Barryville. We hit some rock, and using some lessons from last year, we are pounding out the rock and then using the rock to build our driveways.

Footings...and foundation walls.

And Daniel's micro cottage on a couple of acres is under way as well.

The Dueling Excavators, or The Dance of the Big Machines. David L., can you help us out with a score for this ballet?
Well, there you have it. 7 houses under construction and a big bad barn at the offices.


  1. Denise @ Cornerstone TileNovember 19, 2009 at 4:51 PM

    Can you post pictures of Pedro & David's, green subway tile bathroom...I hear it looks great!

  2. It's awesome looking tile, but no pictures until the house is done - which is any day now. Hopefully we can highlight this house over the holidays.

    thanks for checking in denise - you guys do a great job.

  3. What are the details on cottage 24? House size, lot size and approximate price (if disclosable). Also what is cabot siding? Wood or sythetic?


  4. Good Morning A - Detail galore on Cottage24 -7+ acres, big views across the mountains, wrap-around porches, pretty fast interior with open hand crafted staircases, 1 1/2 baths, an interior about as open as can be imagined and two bedrooms.

    Cabot's is the brand name of the stain we use, sagey green is the color, and cedar is the wood. It is not synthetic.

    The price is $335k, and includes a turnkey house with audio, security, wide planks floors, big fireplace and too many details to list.

    Here is the link to the house -


    and our portfolio of floor plans -


    Thanks for checking in A.

  5. Do over!! How can you improve on a '50's ranch perfection?!? :)

    - Erin

  6. How true, how true, Erin. We only aspire to re-reach the dramatic heights we scaled with Perfect Ranch 1.

    Although if you can't ever fit us into your's and Greg's upstate social calender, I may have to reconsider.